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Devin Jones Stats and Such

Eric Hartline-US PRESSWIRE

I found out about the Padres acquiring Devin Jones from the Orioles in exchange for Brad Brach the same way pretty much everybody finds out about pretty much everything: via Twitter. The first reply beneath the team's official announcement contained a link that I followed to some useful and nicely presented information.

His statistics from last year aren't all that encouraging, but there are a multitude of sites that could have told you about his 5.84 ERA and 1.576 WHIP over 123.1 innings for AA Bowie. The nice thing that the aforelinked (that's a word now, because I said so) site, MLBfarm, offers is charts. Lots of pretty, pretty charts. I'm like Marshall Eriksen when it comes to charts. Graphs, too. Lay 'em on me. They have hitter spray charts, heat maps, all sorts of result-oriented graphs, and so-on. All presented in living color, just the way my short attention span demands. I was going to break down some of the breakdown, but @CoraTheKitty's new puppy friend just got here and I have to reassure her that no, seriously, that's your buddy.

But, yeah, go look at those graphs and stuff. I'm going to try to find stuff out about Alex Dickerson once these two start getting along.

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