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Storm's Charitable Efforts Gaining MOmentum

Movember is in full swing benefitting men's health awareness. What's your moustache game?

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Movember is upon us, an entire month dedicated to sprouting as much facial hair as men can muster. As Movember's campaign states "its a hair raising journey". Not only does the overwhelming amount of facial hair this month raise funds for large concerns in men's health, but the catchy campaign simultaneously raises just as much awareness. As we all know, knowledge is power. What you may not know, is that you can join the Movember campaign alongside your favorite current, past and upcoming Padre organization heroes.

The Lake Elsinore Storm Movember team, StormGenMo2013, includes Tommy Medica, Heath Bell, Austin Hedges, Donavan Tate, and many more highly ranked players from the Padres affiliate. In addition, Storm office staff members are participating in the Movember moustachery.

Whether man or women, you can join the star-studded StormGenMo2013 team and become a member to fight for a great cause. As a member, individuals post photos of their moustache growth throughout the month and encourage others to contribute funds. Another great option is donating to the team in support of their efforts, which the team's Movember page makes incredibly easy. Just navigate to the Home Page, click "Donate to Team" and become a contributing factor in promoting men's health across the globe. Movember represents a great cause, please support the Padres organizations efforts and chip in to make a difference, you won't regret it.

Follow this link to the StormGenMo2013 team page, and make a difference