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Padres 2013 Season Recap

Because you could use some extra reading material to get through the offseason.


No one out there wants to completely relive the 2013 season It is not one that even comes close to being a memorable one in Padres lore. However, it certainly had its share of moments and deserves it's due. Over at the GLBWiki, I have been trying to keep track of such moments in season recaps. Today I finished the 2013 one. I haven't actually finished one since 2010 (where I actually had help from others) as I usually give up after a while. Nevertheless with this one complete, I wanted to share it with anyone who wanted to give it a read.

2013 San Diego Padres Season

Let me know if I missed any story lines that you thought were important in 2013. While you are there, feel free to check out the 2010 San Diego Padres Season and relive that more memorable year.

For those not familiar with the GLBWiki it is a place where inside jokes, memes, Gaslamp Ball history, some Padres history and other Padres related material is stored. For some it is a fun playground to browse or help populate.