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Cory Luebke threw 25 pitches to live hitters and felt good doing it

Christian Petersen

Besides the Josh Johnson signing, there's been more good news about the Padres starting rotation today.  Cory Luebke, who was out all last season recovering from Tommy John surgery, is finally starting to make some progress.

You may remember that his time table for a comeback was continually being pushed back over the summer.  Back in September I had even heard XX1090 host Coach Kentera say that Luebke may need further surgery and not be available for opening day.  You may further remember that I asked General Manager Josh Byrnes about this comment and he admitted that Luebke was still experiencing pain and stiffness, but wouldn't comment on a possible surgical solution.

Earlier this week Padres manager Bud Black told XX 1090 producer Marty Caswell that Luebke has been feeling better the last few weeks and was expected to throw some pitches here in San Diego.

Today UT reporter Bill Center tweeted out this morsel of information:

Twenty-five pitches may not be a lot to go on,  but it's progress.  Just the fact that he's feeling good is a relief.