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Josh Johnson Press Conference Highlights

Josh Byrnes and Bud Black took to the stage this morning to introduce new Padres pitcher Josh Johnson to the organization and the media.

He's here. Well, not here here. Josh Johnson was at Petco Park this morning at a press conference introducing him to the organization. Below you can see him with Bud Black on the field prior to the press conference.

That's a big guy. He looks like a quarterback. Johnson is 6'7" and as I mentioned last night, he becomes the tallest Padre on the roster.

In the press conference, Josh Byrnes spoke first. Unfortunately, the presser was going on and I didn't know it.  The page was an MLB screen saver and it was already 10:02am. Refreshed and only heard him say he was turning it over to Bud Black. Sorry, Josh Byrnes. Luckily, Corey Brock helped me out a bit by tweeting out something Byrnes said at the beginning that I missed.

What follows is the best I could pick up from a live feed. Those things go by real fast.

Bud Black said that Johnson brings a lot to the table and that he and the staff are really pumped to have Josh here.

After that, Josh Johnson was given the jersey that he will wear in 2014. It is the #55, so that answers the question that Wonko pondered earlier this morning.

As Mark Grant pointed out to him, Dale Thayer might make a deal to give it up and that might be the case. Johnson then took to the microphone and answered questions from the media.

Josh Johnson

  • Park is great. City is great. With the staff and the team, it's a perfect fit.
  • #1 place was either SF or SD. Saw the deal and wanted to be here.
  • Good to have a core that's been together for a few years. Excited to help out the young guys and help these guys get better.

  • Talked about Cameron Maybin rehabbing downstairs. Johnson and Maybin were teammates in Florida for 3 years before Maybin was traded to San Diego in November 2010.

  • Praised the powerful arms in the rotation. Said he watched those out of the bullpen first, then saw them in the rotation. I think he's talking about Cashner and Ross there.
  • He had surgery on October 1st to remove bone spurs and cartilage.
  • One of the first things he wants to do is work with Dave Roberts on how to better hold the runners at first.

Josh Byrnes was then back on the mic. There was confusion throughout the press conference when you have two men named Josh sitting inches apart. This question was for him though.

Someone asked if Byrnes was thoroughly happy with the depth? Byrnes said that it is not his nature to oversell, but that the Padres have taken a huge step. In terms of depth, it is a big change. Byrnes said "we feel good about where we are in November." Then, I think he said that they still have the rest of the off-season to keep building/finding more pieces. It was something like that. It's not every day I have to watch, listen, type, and try to screen grab at the same time.

After that, the press conference was drawing to a close. Bud Black had a few final words and they walked away. Of course, that's when jbox tuned in.

Anyways, that's what I got from the live feed. It was a good presser. Short and sweet. Think it was only 20 minutes. Hopefully they can post it up on the Padres website soon so I can add it to the summary for those of you who missed it and what to hear what I missed and/or misquoted.


Josh Johnson signs on the dotted line.


Short videos of the press conference and Corey Brock discussing the Johnson signing

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