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Archi Cianfrocco On Film

The man. The myth. The legend.

I was going to break this post into two separate posts but I didn't want anyone going "Two posts about Archi Cianfrocco?" Plus, if I broke them up into 2 posts, I don't think I could bring out the best in myself to talk about the same person twice in a short amount of time using videos from the past about Archi Cianfrocco without feeling like I'm forcing Cianfrocco on everyone. It's a matter of principle. It's just how the cookie crumbles or some other strange cliche that I'm trying to remember but just can't. Everyone still there? Haven't abandoned me with my post of treasures yet? Great!

Archi Cianfrocco. Go ahead. Say it out loud. Don't be shy. I've heard that if you say it 3 times fast on a baseball diamond, nothing happens. What, you thought something cool would happen? Please. Archi Cianfrocco has better things to do than give you sage advice in a vision while you stand around with your bat in your hand.

Why all this Archi Cianfrocco talk? I really don't know. How this came about though? That's easy. I was looking for a Padres video and saw some Cianfrocco. And this is not just some regular Cianfrocco. This is Cianfrocco at his finest. I think.

Also, I searched the best I could to see if these videos have ever been posted around these parts before and came up empty handed. So, if there was someone out there who has posted these videos, come out of the woodwork and tell me that I'm copying your idea. Alright, now that I got that out of the way, to the video player!

First video is very simple. It's pretty much him doing whatever he wants while the camera is rolling. Archi Cianfrocco, master thespian.

See that? Ball players can have fun too. Now, the next video. It's, uh, it's something else. I really don't know what could ever possess him to do this, but he... You know what, just watch the video.

Yeah. The good ol' Cianfrocco special. Putting the juices right into the noggin for optimal performance. I wish I knew what game that was so I could see how he did that particular day. Baseball historians, I call to you! What stadium is that? I know it wasn't Qualcomm/Jack Murphy/The Q/Concrete Jungle. They are in their away uniforms. My guess is Cincinnati and Riverfront Stadium.

Okay, well that's it. No more Archi Cianfrocco. That is all I have for you. I just need to at least try one last thing before I go.

Archi Cianfrocco! Archi Cianfrocco! Archi Cianfrocco!

See, I knew nothing would hap