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Dave Roberts To Be The Next Padres Bench Coach

Dave Roberts takes over the bench coach position left behind by former coach Rick Renteria

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODA

Looks like we’ve got ourselves a bench coach. According to Jay Paris, Dave Roberts will take over the bench coach position for the Padres next season.

I love the choice. They keep it in-house with a guy who knows the players, knows the game extremely well, and is just a great person all around. Plus, it’s always nice when TTG is right about something.

But, now what happens at first base? Do they go with one of the Marks they have hanging around? Of course I’m talking about Mark Kotsay and Mark Loretta. They already know the way to the stadium so they wouldn’t get lost on their first day on the job. Kotsay still has the uniform. My choice? Trevor Hoffman.

Imagine that visual. I call it...

Hoffman At The Corners

That is the dream. Both Hoffman brothers manning their posts on opposite sides of the field. Trevor sending runners to older brother Glenn. It could create some sort of baseball rivalry between the two. I would love to see it. However, that probably won't happen. But, a guy can dream.

So, what are your thoughts? Is Roberts the right guy for the job? Should we petition the Padres for Hoffman At The Corners? Is there someone else out there you'd like to see at 1st base?