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Live blogging a Padres email survey

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODA

Maybe this survey link will work for you, if not follow along with me while I take it.

What are the best entertainment options in San Diego?

I stared at my screen forever trying to answer the first question. I think it's because as a life long resident of San Diego, I don't necessarily take part in most entertainment options.  Am I answering this question as myself?  Or am I answering how I would entertain an out of town guest?  I decided on a little of both.  I don't like my answers.

1. Padres baseball
2. Outdoor activities
3. Theme parks
4.  Restaurants
5.  Historic places / Museums

Which of the following entertainment options have you attended in the past year?


San Diego Zoo
Go to the beach
San Diego Chargers game
San Diego Padres game
Go to a movie

Did not attend:

Go to concerts
Theme Park

How would you rate the entertainment value of the following options, based on your experience or perception?

Isn't it weird that the Padres think that they are competing with the beach for fans?  Nobody is going to the beach at 7:05 pm on a weeknight, except for maybe the occasional bonfire.

Going to the beach - Excellent
Theme Park - Good
San Diego Chargers game - Average
San Diego Zoo - Good
Going to concerts - Average
Going to a movie - Average
San Diego Padres game - Good

How big of a Padres fan are you?

5 - Avid fan

Are the San Diego Padres your favorite Major League Baseball team?

I'm proud to answer, yes.

What are the first five (5) words or phrases that come to mind when you think of the San Diego Padres? Please enter them on separate lines below.

This was another question I had trouble answering.  I'm not feeling very creative today.

1. Tony Gwynn
2. Brown and Gold
3. Cub Busters
4. Friars
5. Pad Squad

Please select the words that you think best apply to the Padres.


Cares about San Diego Community
Makes good decisions
Appreciates fans


Committed to winning
Blue Collar

What colors come to mind when you think of the Padres?




Sky Blue
Navy Blue

Grey?  Where are we the United Kingdom?

Which of the following logos is a current San Diego Padres logo?


Which of the following logos do you most associate with the San Diego Padres?


Suppose you are choosing between two banks that are alike in services offered and quality.  Bank A is the official bank of the San Diego Padres, while Bank B is unaffiliated with the team.  Does Bank A’s designation of "official bank of the Padres" sway you more toward Bank A?


If the San Diego Padres were a car – what kind of car do you think they would be?

This question again?

A 1969 Baja Bug

Why did you choose that type of car?

It's got a bad paint job, masking it's original colors.  It's cheap.  It's not reliable.  It can be fun to drive and also a nuisance.  It has a bunch of after market and junk yard parts installed.  Depending on who you're with, you are both embarrassed and proud to own it.

What is your opinion of the following components of the San Diego Padres organization?

Players/Team - Somewhat negative
Coaching staff - Neither negative nor positive
Front Office/Management - Somewhat positive
San Diego Padres fans - Mostly positive
Baseball Operations - Mostly positive

For each of the following descriptive terms or phrases, please indicate how well they describe the San Diego Padres.

Is an organization to be proud of - Describes a little bit
Is committed to wining - Does not describe at all
Ensures Padres players and coaches are accessible to the average fan - Does not describe at all
Provides affordable entertainment - Describes quite well
Ensures the Padres organization is accessible to the average fan - Does not describe at all
Celebrates its heritage and history - Does not describe at all
Cares about its fans - Describes quite well
Symbolizes San Diego - Describes quite well

What community causes do the Padres support?


Children's youth baseball/softball
U.S. military personnel
Children's education
Cancer research
Drug prevention
Children's Health

I'm not familiar with their drug prevention program, but I'm sure they probably do support it.

How meaningful to you is it that the Padres support the following community causes?

Drug prevention - Means a little bit to me
Children's youth baseball/softball - Means a great deal to me
Children's health - Means a great deal to me
U.S. Military personnel - Means a great deal to me
Children's education - Means a great deal to me
Cancer research - Means a little bit to me

My answer to the drug prevention and Cancer research are what they are, because I'm not sure if they are effective programs.

Who is your favorite Padres player on the current roster?

I guess Jedd Gyorko, because he's the first person that came to mind.  I'm fickle.

Who is your favorite Padres player of all time?

C'mon, who you talking to?  As I've said before, if you grew up in San Diego in the 80's and your favorite player wasn't Tony the Gwynn then you were just trying to be different.

Please link the following players' names and photos.

Huston Street
Chris Denorfia
Yonder Alonso
Carlos Quentin
Jedd Gyorko
Tyson Ross
Cameron Maybin
Yasmani Grandal
Everth Cabrera
Nick Hundley
Dale Thayer
Andrew Cashner
Chase Headley
Will Venable
Luke Gregerson

Boom!  Nailed it.  Last year I didn't recognize Thayer.  I think they used a picture of him without his beard.

How many Padres games did you attend during the 2013 season?

30-39 games

This is an estimate.  I think I did about 30 games.

Which of the following best describes your ticket purchaser category for the San Diego Padres during the 2013 season?

I buy individual tickets and I get free tickets from family and friends too.

Please indicate your overall experience when attending San Diego Padres games.


How likely would you be to RECOMMEND attending a San Diego Padres game to a friend or colleague?

10 - Extremely likely

It's what I do.

What do you believe to be the average cost of a lower level ticket to a San Diego Padres regular season game? Your best guess is OK if you are not sure.

I'd guess the average is $45 or so.

What do you believe to be the average cost of an upper level ticket to a San Diego Padres regular season game? Your best guess is OK if you are not sure.

I don't know.  $25?

Which of the following types of giveaways do you prefer?


Something to use (e.g. beach towel, blanket)


Something for my kids (e.g. batting gloves, mini bat)
Something to wear (e.g. t-shirts, jersey, ball cap)
Something to collect (e.g. bobblehead, blankets)
Do not care about giveaways

What time would you prefer Saturday night games started?


What time would you prefer weekday day games started?

4pm.  This was a tough one.  I think I could attend more if they were at 4pm, but I like a good afternoon business man special too.

Assume all Padres weekday days games were to start at 4pm.  How would that affect the likelihood of you attending more weekday games in the future?

Somewhat more likely.

The rest of the questions were for demographic and classification purposes.  I would classify that survey as "somewhat fun".