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No contract extension talks between Chase Headley and the Padres... yet

Christian Petersen

Maybe it's just the pessimist in me, but I doubt a long-term deal is going to happen between the Padres and Chase Headley.  The Padres hesitated to make an offer last off-season when Headley was coming off an MVP-like second half.  They were obviously afraid that they'd end up buying high and he'd regress, which he ultimately did.

Then Ron Fowler proved to be a little too aggressive with the easily distracted third basemen when he offered to make him the highest paid Padre in franchise history.  I've learned that when you're trying to feed a shy bunny like Chase Headley, you have to remain really quiet and casual, even ignore him for a time.  Otherwise if you're too loud and over eager you're going to chase him back into his hole.  Fowler would be really bad at feeding bunny rabbits.

So now that the 2013 season is over, Headley should potentially be ready to talk about an extension.

But is he still expecting to be paid as an MVP caliber player?  He's said before that he's not going to sell himself short.  Are the Padres convinced that he can return to form after a stinker of a season?  I, like you, have my doubts that we'll ever see Headley as he was in 2012 again.

Nobody hold their breath.

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