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Everybody's Baseballing On Possible Elimination Monday Game Thread

4 games going on. 3 of them could be the final game of the series. Important baseball is happening.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sport
As I write this, we are already bats deep into the baseball day. The Oakland A's are beating the Detroit Tigers in Detroit 6-3 in the 7th inning on the MLB Network. The Pittsburgh Pirates are 3 innings into their game against the St. Louis Cardinals. Later today, the Red Sox look to advance against Tampa Bay at 3:07pm. Finally, the Atlanta Braves look to stave off elimination tonight at 6:37pm.

Bunch of baseball happening. Bunch of space to talk about it. Go baseball.

And like the other ones from this weekend, if there's something on your mind that needs to be said, say it here. No one will mind. Can't say I promise though. I'm probably breaking regulation doing all this anyways. You know, I'll just stop writing.

Enjoy the Monday!


The A's beat the Tigers 6-3 to push the Tigers to the brink of elimination. The Cardinals won 2-1 in Pittsburgh to avoid elimination and bring Game 5 back to St. Louis.