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Quiz: How Many Padres Catchers Can You Name?

Chris Humphreys-US PRESSWIRE

In the comments selection below the last quiz I made, reader :Anabasis requested a quiz about catchers. He was specifically wondering how many catchers the Padres had employed since a certain one left town. You know who I'm talking about; that one guy who threw from his knees and rocked Oakley Blades and wristbands with his face on them. To answer that question, there have been 50 since his last season in San Diego. There have been 84 Padres catchers all told, including that one guy I mentioned last week who only caught two innings.

The list of 84 includes only players who have caught at least one regular season game, so it doesn't include guys like Mike Scioscia and Gregg Zaun who were only Padres in Spring Training. As always, you only need to enter last names. There are three sets of two catchers with the same last names. One out of each pair is a fairly obvious one, so if you get those three right you get the other three free. Along with wristband guy and emergency dude I was talking about up there in the first paragraph, that's five answers you don't have to think about. That leaves you just 79 to get in 10:00. No problem, right?

After you get done racking your brain and then sighing loudly about the obvious ones you can't believe you missed, come on back and enter your results in the poll. Oh, and don't forget those spoiler bars in your comments.