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How to Have a Happy Gaslamp-Ball-oween: Part 2

Dressing the part.

Don Arnold

Back in '05, jbox made this post listing ideas for possible Padres-related Halloween costumes. Last year we saw a couple of fantastic Padres-related costumes as well. I don't know if anyone will ever beat Tony Gwen Stefani but I'd love to see people try. That said, I thought it would be a good idea to update jbox's now eight-year-old list and add to it some more recently relevant options for those Gaslamp Ballers out there who are still trying to figure out what to do for Halloween.

Last week I turned to Twitter for ideas because I was busy coming up with ideas for pumpkin carving. I'm glad I did because you guys had WAY better ideas than anything I would have come up with. I also turned to Facebook, but got no responses on there. Slackers. Anyway, here is what some of our Twitter followers came up with:

Not really sure how one would go about doing this.

  • Dress up as the original Tommy John?
  • Maybe dress up as a Padre pitcher or some other baseball player and use makeup to put a TJ scar on your elbow.
  • You could team up with a friend who can dress up as a surgeon while you dress up as a pitcher undergoing surgery.

UPDATE: @PadresProspects suggested the following:

So pretty much what I was thinking. You could choose a specific Padre or even just be a generic/unnamed San Diego pitcher.

This is a great idea if you'll be around people who watch FoxSportsSD pretty often or you don't mind spending all night explaining your costume. Actually, the latter kind of applies to all of these costumes. How to pull this off:

  • Wear a stylish outfit, preferably with a really cute pair of heels.
  • Sport a blond wig.
  • Hold a microphone.
  • Maybe wear a nametag that says "Kelly Crull."
  • Have a friend drench you in your preferred flavor of Gatorade/Powerade or ice water before you go out, OR...
  • My favorite option: Team up with a friend dressed as a Padres player and have him/her carry some Gatorade/Powerade around all night. Go up to random Halloween-goers throughout the night and start "interviewing" them and have your friend pour the drink on them in the middle of it while you try to run away and save your outfit. Warning: this may make you some enemies. It'll be worth it though.

Pretty self explanatory, but some additional suggestions:

  • Paint/decorate a cardboard box to look like a '58 Cadillac Convertible with a "SD 51" license plate and "wear" it or carry a small one around all night.
  • Team up with four friends and dress up as all of the post-number-retirement Padres. Steve Garvey wearing a Dodgers jersey and Dave Winfield wearing a Yankees hat under their Padres gear. Randy Jones wearing an apron covered in BBQ sauce and carrying around a BBQ set. Tony Gwynn in an Aztecs baseball shirt/jersey.

  • For "Little Ninja" you could wear an Alexi Amarista jersey/shirtsey over otherwise all-black clothing and a mask. Maybe also wear a baseball glove, high socks, and cleats. Then spend all night acting sneaky and ninja-like. This costume works best if you're short.
  • Many of you know Jeremy Nash from Twitter or remember him from this post, the latest in the Sisterhood of the Traveling Jersey chronicles. For the "Inspector Gadget" costume, you can take inspiration from one of Jeremy's many pieces of Padres artwork, his depiction of Chris Denorfia as Inspector Gadget, seen here.
  • For the El Paso Chihuahua, you can either dress up as the mascot (EP spiked dog collar and a baseball bat?) or create your own Chihuahuas uniform and be a player on the team.
  • For Neil the Beerman, you can wear a Petco Park uniform, some glasses, and carry around various bottles of craft beer. Do the same thing for Zombie Neil the Beerman, but slap on some makeup and blood and walk slowly while making zombie noises.

Sure, Ax...

This would be AWESOME if someone pulled this off. You guys remember Bluepper, right?

  • Wear the Padres' early '90s pinstripes, some high socks & cleats, and a backwards baseball cap.
  • Paint your arms and parts of your face blue to resemble Bluepper's blue fur.
  • Get a small foam baseball - like a stress-ball-type thing - and cut a slit in it so it can fit over your nose, much like a clown nose.

Pick a GLBer and dress up as him or her. It can be either their actual likeness, if you know what they look like, or your take on their avatar.

  • As an example, here I am wearing an Axion costume circa 2011. Okay, full disclosure: that picture is just photoshopped and I am not actually wearing a mask.
  • A good one would be TheRevRun. Gaslamp Ballers who were around in '08 should remember him. If not, just click here. To dress as TheRevRun, all you need to do is put on a Padres shirt, put a paper bag over your head, and wear sunglasses over the paper bag. Then just wave at people all night.
  • Another idea: Drama. All you need is a martini and a look of seduction.
  • A jbox costume would just require you to wear a hat and pull it down over your face all night.

This is a great one and I appreciate the visual aid, B Cres.

  • Any variation on a Padres player would be good whether it be pirate, zombie, vampire, and/or just plain "sexy."
  • In response to this suggestion, I would like to make a costume suggestion of my own. It could also fit under the above category of dressing up like another Gaslamp Baller. I propose dressing up as GLBer and Padres organ player Bobby Cressey. Just get a Padres shirt/jersey, preferably with the name "Cressey" on the back. You'll also need some shades and a hat. For the finishing touch, put some headphones on. It's not exactly plausible to haul around an organ all day, so maybe just find a small one or make one out of a cardboard box that you can carry around.

Pretty self-explanatory.

... Another Volquez suggestion. We got quite a few of these.

Let me explain. You may remember ThisIsSanDiego as a member of the Sisterhood of the Traveling Jersey. Well he has this thing that he likes to do where he takes pictures and puts mouths where the eyes should be. If you can't picture it, here is an example.

... Another El Paso Chihuahuas suggestion.

Did you know that Will Venable played basketball at Princeton?

Make girls and Padres bloggers swoon all night long.


  • Gotta have the full on catcher's gear. Go hard or go home.
  • Have Collective Soul's "Shine" ready on your phone to be played at various times throughout the night.

So there you have it, Gaslamp Ballers. A plethora of costumes that you can put together to impress all your friends on Halloween. If you have any other ideas or want to show off YOUR Padres- and baseball-related costume, please do so in the comments! Remember to be safe and have a Happy Gaslamp-Ball-oween this week!!