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Former Padres PH Todd Steverson hired as White Sox hitting coach


On Saturday, the Chicago White Sox decided on Oakland minor league hitting coordinator Todd Steverson as their new hitting coach. You might recall Steverson's playing career but I wouldn't blame you if you didn't. He got 50 plate appearances with the 1995 Tigers and saw less action the next season with the Padres. Much less action.

Todd Steverson's first plate appearance with the Padres came on April 3, 1996, during the third game of the season. He was called on in the top of the sixth inning to pinch hit for starting pitcher Joey Hamilton. Steverson struck out looking and, welp, that was it. That was also his last plate appearance, both with the Padres and in the majors at all. He was sent to AAA Las Vegas, never to return. A poor season there got him knocked down to high-A ball for the '97 season; he also played in Mexico that year. He got another shot at AAA in 1998 with Memphis but couldn't get above the Mendoza line, and that was all she wrote.

I don't care about the White Sox one bit but I was glad to see this news solely because it gave me an excuse to write about Todd Steverson's one-game Padres career.