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Padres Bench Coach Rick Renteria in Consideration for Yet Another Managerial Opening

Ezra Shaw

The last time bench coach Rick Renteria's name cropped up around here was early last week when word came out that he was a favorite for the Cubs' vacant manager position. His name has been whispered in regard to other openings as well, but it appears there's another team serious enough to have given him an interview. I got the news the way I get most news: via Corey Brock. He retweeted the following:

Everybody seems to have nothing but good things to say about the guy. He has managerial experience in the minors, which is something that fellow candidate and Padres employee Brad Ausmus can't say. Ausmus did manage during this year's World Baseball Classic (as did Renteria) but he's considered much more of a longshot, much as he is for the Tigers' job.

I guess this could be the point where I jump the gun, consider him gone, and start speculating who the next bench coach will be, but I'll pass on that until when he really does defect. But don't let that stop you from expressing your guesses and suggestions in the comments. It's your chance to say "I called it first!" however many weeks from now.