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Guaranteed Win in The 2013 World Series

That's right! The Padres have a guaranteed win this year in the 2013 World Series, former Padres affiliate players, that is. Tonight marks the commencement to the imminent win!

Alex Trautwig

Guaranteed this year is a win for former San Diego Padre players, as they fill both teams in the 2013 World Series.

With the many former Padre affiliate players filling both the Boston Red Sox and St. Louis Cardinals rosters, the Padres are guaranteed a win in either outcome in the 2013 World Series. The San Diego Padres have a total of seven former Padres within this years World Series, not to note the several honorable mention players that once played within our current minor league affiliates while they were under different affiliations.

David Freese, currently of the St. Louis Cardinals, was originally drafted by the San Diego Padre. Freese being drafted in the 9th round (273rd overall), playing for the Eugene Emeralds, Fort Wayne Wizards, and Lake Elsinore Storm during his time spent within the Padres affiliation. Freese was subsequently traded before the 2008 season to the St. Louis Cardinals where he still prospers.

Jake Peavy, currently of the Boston Red Sox, was also originally drafted by the San Diego Padres. Peavy being drafted in the 15th round (472nd overall) in 1999 ascended quickly within the Padres organization, rising to the Major League level in just 3 short years. Peavy played for the Padres until July 2009, where at that point he was then traded to the Chicago White Sox and then to his current team, the Boston Red Sox.

Several players that spent time within the San Diego Padres organization are Shane Victorino, Quintin Berry, David Ross, Craig Breslow and Edward Mujica. Shane Victorino, originally drafted by the Dodgers in the 6th round in 1999, was selected by San Diego in 2002 in the Rule of 5. He then was returned to the Dodgers on May 28th of that same year. Quintin Berry, currently of the Red Sox, was originally drafted by the Philadelphia Phillies in the 5th round of 2006. Berry was then claimed on waivers by San Diego and played the 2010 season with the Padres AA affiliate, the San Antonio Missions. Later that same year he was claimed by the New York Mets. David Ross, currently of the Boston Red Sox, was originally drafted by the Dodgers in the 7th round in 1998. Ross only spent 11 games with the San Diego Padres, and was then quickly traded to the Cincinnati Reds. Craig Breslow, an incredibly intriguing player from Yale University, currently of the Boston Red Sox, was originally drafted by the Milwaukee Brewers; he then was subsequently released in 2004. In 2005, San Diego signed Breslow, but in December of the same year the Padres non-tendered him. Edward Mujica, currently of the St. Louis Cardinals, was an undrafted free-agent signed by the Cleveland Indians in 2001. He then was traded to San Diego on April 1st 2009, where following the 2010 season was traded to the Marlins.

And two players that should receive a nod from our organization, John Lackey and Matt Thornton, both men having played for teams that are currently in the Padres organization, during times in which the teams were under different affiliates. John Lackey, currently of the Boston Red Sox, played for the Lake Elsinore Storm, the current Padre A+ affiliate, in the 2000 season when the team was an Anaheim Angels affiliate. Matt Thornton, also currently of the Boston Red Sox, played for the San Antonio Missions in the 2002 season; the San Antonio Missions being the current San Diego Padres AA affiliate team. Though neither Thornton or Lackey were with the Padres organization, I feel it only right to wish them the best of luck along with the former Padre organization players.

With the many former players that have played within the Padre organization in the World Series this year, our San Diego influence is evident, and in either outcome we emerge on top.

Play Ball!