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Can a Padres fan name the Boston Red Sox World Series Roster?

Winslow Townson

The World Series of baseball starts in two days and as a Padres fan you've probably already switched your allegiance to your second favorite team. For most of you that means you'll be rooting for the the Boston Red Sox because you have a distant association with the team or the city. It might be that your grandmother's cousin had a taste for Boston Baked Beans or your weird uncle from Tallahassee has a severe speech impediment that makes him sound like he's from Boston. In any case you're a Boston fan now, so this roster quiz for your team should be easy for you.

Let us know how you did in the comments and the adjoining poll, but don't spoil the answers. I got four and I'm ashamed I knew so many.

I'll give you a hint to start you off on your journey, the entire team has chin pubes. Take the quiz!