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Can a Padres fan name the St. Louis Cardinals' World Series Roster?

Dilip Vishwanat

The World Series of baseball starts in two days and as a Padres fan you've probably already switched your allegiance to your second favorite, the Yankees. Since the Yankees aren't in the World Series you're rooting against the Boston Red Sox and as a result you're in reality rooting for the St. Louis Cardinals.

Still you won't miss the chance to tell everyone that you're a Yankees fan who just likes to root for good baseball. You'll allow two non-Yankee teams to play but you'll make it known that you secretly love hate the Red Sox and even if they win this World Series they'll never get enough rings to compete with your Yanks. It's all about your Yanks.

In any case, because you whore out your fandom to any team in the playoffs, you probably know the entire Cardinals' roster and this quiz will be easy for you.

Me? I was only able to name four Cardinals' players because I don't sniff around the crotch of other teams when the Padres get eliminated. Take the quiz and let us know how you did in the comments and in the adjoining poll. Don't spoil the answers for anyone else.

Take the quiz!