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Jeopardy! Mega-Champ Ken Jennings's Favorite Padres Fact

Donald Miralle

I know I'm not the only 'Jeopardy!' nerd around here. For one, I know that fellow staff writer del4rel makes it a point to accurately grunt out responses at Trebek between reps on whatever they call those weight machine-thingies. Hell if I know; just take one look at me and you can see that. One point I'm trying to make here is that Del is the full package: brains AND brawn and that you ladies who have nothing better to do with your Friday night should consider gettin' up on it. The other point is that 'Jeopardy' is awesome and Ken Jennings is a hero to me on par with Tony and Trevor.

I'm not generally one to badger celebrities on Twitter and I was apprehensive to ask Mr. Jennings what I did. I'm sure he gets sick of people being like "Ooh, lay one on me, smart guy!" Nonetheless, because I'm a calloused jerk who doesn't care that much apparently, I asked him via Twitter for the strangest San Diego Padres-related fact that came to his mind. To his credit and my surprise, he responded friggin' instantly. Seriously, within two minutes. The man is still quick on the buzzer.

Did you peep that link? It's about the engraved brick that PETA bought at Petco Park when it was opening. You know, it seems all nice and then you discover - oh, snap! - acronym!

That really is a great Petco Park easter egg. I feel like most Padres fans heard about it, but it still deserves recognition as an all time great quiet protest. Now, I'm not here to get into what I think about PETA nor am I going to lob accusations of hypocrisy against them for all the animals they murder in the name of not murdering animals, but I will say I love subversive messages and sliding one past the goalie, so to speak. Whether Petco deserved or still deserves PETA's or our derision is not for me to say, but I can only imagine that the genius who thought to buy that brick had her or his heart in the right place.