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Possible Elimination Game Thread (at least for the one that doesn't need to be on my TV anymore)

Elimination time is here, right? Hope so.

Mike Ehrmann
The Cardinals are on the verge of entering the championship round of the tournament and I'm fine with it. Just win the game, St. Louis. Don't mess it up, Joe Kelly. That game is happening right now on TBS. Cardinals had the bases loaded in the 1st, but got nothing for the effort. It's the top of the 2nd inning this second.

Tonight, the Tigers face the Red Sox down 2 games to 1. There are 2 more games left in Detroit before they will head back to Boston, if necessary. Those hauntings words. Doug Fister takes on Jake Peavy at 5pm on FOX. I'm leaning more towards Detroit making those "if necessary" games become necessary.

Anyways, happy days. Go baseball.