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Adrian Gonzalez congratulates himself on the bases with self fist bumping dorkiness

Stephen Dunn

I've haven't been watching the playoffs, but I switched over to the Dodger / Cardinal game just to check the score during a down moment of the Chargers game.  It was then that I saw the most hilarious, over-the-top, Adrian Gonzalez self fist bumping celebration ever.  It was befitting of a soon-to-be World Champion.

Here watch:

It's hard to believe that this is the same guy that lead the league in mopey for his entire Padres career, but it is.  I haven't really been following his post-Padres career, but apparently at some point, either in Boston or LA he picked up this habit of congratulating himself after nearly every hit.

Here's a tweet from June during a Padres game, when I first noticed the self fist bump with explosion fingers.

A tweet and a screenshot sufficed back then, but when I saw last night's spaziness I knew right away what I wanted.  I needed an animated gif of Adrian dorkin' it up like a big ol' dork.

This morning, finally, I found a gif on twitter.


I love it so much.  I want to take it home with me.

The Cardinals did not.  They thought it was "Mickey Mouse stuff".

"I didn't see it," Wainwright said. "I saw Adrian doing some Mickey Mouse stuff on third base, but I didn't see what Yasiel did. Those guys are fired up. This is playoff baseball, they want it over there."

Gonzalez was asked about Wainwright's comments following the game.

"I did what I always do," Gonzalez said. "We are in L.A., so Mickey Mouse stuff does go. ... Mickey Mouse is only an hour away. So, you know, it fits us. I did what I always do."

I like that Adrian is showing his true Dodger Blue colors.  This is who he is, this is what he always does.  Dorks gonna dork.

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