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Reds @ Pirates: 2013 NL Wild Card Game Open Thread

Joe Robbins

I guess it's obvious who I'm rooting for. There's no use in explaining why; I think you know why I'm pulling for the Pirates: the same reason everyone else is. Besides, Grant Brisbee already put it into words better than I could. Not that I'd be upset if the Reds won. I like Mat Latos and pretty much all of my friends who give even half a darn about baseball are Reds fans. Usually I don't care who wins any given postseason series because I hate both of the teams, but this is kind of the opposite of that.

Johnny Cueto will start for the Redlegs and Francisco Liriano gets the nod for the Bucs. The lineups are as follows:

Both teams are rocking deep benches since you don't need a bunch of starting pitchers on your roster for a one-game "series". Billy Hamilton is available for the Reds, so that's bound to be entertaining. Red Reporter has Cincinnati's full roster and Bucs Dugout has the same for the Pirates.

Go whoever! Go baseball!