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Chase Headley having surgery today to repair torn meniscus

Denis Poroy

On Sunday it was revealed that Chase Headley was secretly suffering from knee pain throughout the entire season.  Today he'll go under the knife to have his knee cleaned up. If all goes well there's a good chance he'll start rehab in a month and be ready to play ball in the Spring.  There is however a 20% chance doctors will need to sew up the meniscus.  If that's the case his recovery could be longer.

Headley says there wasn't a particular incident that caused the knee pain.  He first noticed it during Spring Training and it nagged him the rest of the year.  He never felt it was bad enough to keep him out of the lineup but does admit it probably took its toll on his play.

The good news is that, while he kept his injury from his fans, he did report it to the Padres medical staff.

Padres' Chase Headley to undergo left knee surgery Tuesday | News

He wasn't reckless about playing with the injury. He got together with the medical staff and team athletic trainers to understand his risk.

"It was really up to me," Headley said. "They said there was no risk to damage it long term or making it worse. It's just something you deal with as a guy who plays every day. Did it have some effect? Probably. There were a lot of things that contributed to the season I had."

Apparently he didn't want to tell the public of his injury and use it as an excuse for his severe drop in production from 2012 until after the season was over.

Get well soon Chase.  Please.

2013 - Chase Headley 141 520 59 130 35 2 13 50 67 142 8 4 .250 .347 .400