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"No chance" Padres GM Byrnes doesn't sign Free Agent says Rival

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Christian Petersen

Ken Rosenthal reports that Padres GM Josh Byrnes will not be denied another free agent signing (according to a Diamondback rival executive).

One rival executive says there is no chance that general manager Josh Byrnes completes his off-season with the addition of free-agent right-hander Jason Marquis as his only significant move.

I imagine every anonymous quote hissed whispered into the ear of a reporter is a Diamondback executive. That's why I never trust them.

In any case this prediction appears to be good news if you're a fan who's hoping that Byrnes isn't content with Jason Marquis being the cherry on top of his off-season sundae.

But maybe this rival executive is just trying to bait Byrnes into making a move because it is expected of him. He probably wants Byrnes and the Padres to overspend on an already overpriced injury prone free agent. That's just the conspiracy theorist in me talking though.

In somewhat related news the Diamondbacks sources say trade talks for Chase Headley have failed:

The Chase Headley-for-Justin Upton talks failed to progress, according to major-league sources.

I mean, as long as Rosenthal is talking to a Diamondback executives, might as well get an update on Upton-Headley talks, right?