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Padres not happy with Cashner

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Rich Pilling

Andrew Cashner was injured in a hunting accident last month. A friend slipped while field dressing a carcass and stabbed Cashner in his pitching thumb. As a result he'll miss the start of the season.

To me it seemed like just an unfortunate accident, but apparently the Padres suspect that the incident can be traced to bad decision making and misplaced priorities. Bill Center said today in his chat that the team felt it necessary to have a meeting with him about his future.

Padres Chat with Bill Center:

Comment From Esteban Hey Bill, Thanks for the chats. I look forward to them every week. With Andrew Cashner not accepting a winter assingment and then lacerating his thumb in a hunting accident, do you think he´s in the Padres doghouse and therefore will be in the bullpen again

Bill Center:

I know the Padres have had a sit-down discussion with Cashner where his life priorities and decisions were a topic. Let's say the club is not happy with Cashner. But I think he can still pitch his way out of this. But the clock is ticking

I'll admit it's strange that a player that's serious about competing for a spot in the rotation would turn down an invite to winter ball, but wasn't the hunting accident simply that, an accident? Maybe Cashner is reckless, what do I know? There's probably more to the story but I'm just trying to put myself in his shoes and I think I'd be wondering why I'm getting my ass chewed out when I was the one who was stabbed.

Center thinks Cashner will be ready before May.

I suspect Cashner will be ready before May 1 and Luebke around the All-Star break. Wieland, who just started a throwing program, might not pitch next season.

Cashner is expect to miss at least the first two weeks of spring training and the first two weeks of the regular season. I think Bass and Casey Kelly will be competing for the No. 5 spot to start the season. the Padres are interested in getting Stauffer to accept a minor league contract with an invitation to spring training/.