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Chase Headley and Padres avoid arbitration and agree on $8.575m salary

Harry How

Recently we learned that Chase Headley filed for arbitration at $10.3 million and the Padres counter offered $7.075 million.

Needless to say the two sides were further apart than Bruce Bochy's ears. If they couldn't come to a compromise then an arbitrator would hear from each side, then choose one salary or the other.

Neither side ever really wants to end up in arbitration, especially the team. The Padres don't want to be forced to prove one of their own players doesn't deserve the money their asking for by insulting them to their face. Being insulted is never fun unless you're at Dick's Last Resort.

Fortunately today we learn that the Padres and Headley pretty much split the difference and agreed on $8.575 million.

Everybody is happy, even the angry fans.