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Matt Antonelli lands in Cleveland


There's a long list marked "Where Are They Now?" that fans of any franchise could make comprised of former top draft choices. For those curious about the whereabouts of Matt Antonelli, the official word from Baseball America's Matt Eddy is that he's signed with the Cleveland Indians.

The Padres former first round choice in 2006 -- No. 17 overall in the MLB amateur draft -- has made the rounds in recent years between leagues trying to find his spot. Last year, Antonelli tried to make an impact with the Baltimore Orioles and New York Yankees. Instead, he failed miserably with a combined line of .201/.324/.286. Then again, that only came in 183 plate appearances as Antonelli once again battled health issues.

In 2011, the story was a different one altogether between Double-A and Triple-A with the Washington Nationals. His line of .298/.390/.457 showed Antonelli's potential with a solid eye at the plate and ability to play all infield positions at this point.

While expectations for Antonelli are considerably lower than before, there's still a chance for the 27-year-old to find a spot in the Majors as a versatile infielder.