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San Diego Padres sign Freddy Garcia 13 years after anybody could possibly give a sh_t

Oh who's that? Freddy Garcia? Thanks for that.

Jim McIsaac

ESPN and CBS Sports are reporting that Freddy Garcia has been signed to a Minor League Deal with the San Diego Padres. This is great for depth and if 2013 turns out anything like 2012 injury-wise, expect to see Freddy Garcia as our #1 starter by June.

Padres fans know Freddy Garcia mostly during his days with the hated Seattle Mariners when he was amazing a decade ago. Freddy Garcia's nickname is The Chief, which is a reference to him looking like the crazy American Indian dude from One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. In recent years he's been seen wearing a Yankees uniform and a White Sox uniform.

I'm looking forward to what he can do, but I'm also kinda meh. I blame it on the deep rooted hatred I have of anything notable about our natural rival Seattle Mariners, which I'm sure MLB marketing is happy about.

Actually, I'm planning on rooting for him to do well just because he's one of only a few guys remaining in the big leagues that was born in the same year as me. I'm still older than him, but in theory, we watched the same cartoons growing up and that's something we have in common.

Freddy Garcia

#36 / Pitcher / New York Yankees





Oct 06, 1976