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Padres Schedule Now Has Start Times

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Out with the old start times, in with the new. Start times for games will be slightly different.

Dan Kitwood

A few days ago, Corey Brock put out some tweets about the Padres schedule and game start times. If you were like me then you missed them. I finally noticed today when I checked for the schedule. For those who pay attention to these things, the start times look quite different the ones in previous seasons. Last year, for example, games would start at either 12:35, 1:05, 3:35, 5:35 or 7:05. 12:35 was reserved for Wednesday or Thursday day games, while sometimes the Wednesday ones started at 3:35. 1:05 was for Sundays only. 7:05 was for Friday, Monday and Tuesday games, but sometimes Saturday would start at that time. Most Saturday games started at 5:35.

This year, the slight change is that everything will start 5 minutes later. That means 12:40, 1:10, 3:40, 5:40 or 7:10. The Home opener is schedule for a 3:40 start time (that one breaks the trends I mentioned above since it's a Tuesday game). Why did these change? Corey Brock tweeted that it was for radio/TV purposes. More time to stare at Dick Enberg's vintage face before the game starts.