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Luke Gregerson avoids arbitration, gets one year contract for $3.2 million

Everything you like about Luke Gregerson will continue to happen in 2013.

Jed Jacobsohn

It's being reported everywhere and discussed, but Luke Gregerson has secured himself a contract for 2013 worth $3.2 million.

Luke and the Padres apparently met somewhere in the middle. Luke had asked for $3.75 million and the Padres had offered $2.875 million. And ummm... If you add the two together, and divide by two, you get $3.31 million, which is $110k away from where they ended up. So I'm imagining that's how the conversation went. Lots of addition and dividing by two.

If you didn't know, Luke Gregerson is our set-up man and holds the single season holds record, which is much more impressive than the saves record, but not nearly as cool sounding. Like, "Here's the game... Save it" versus, "Can you hold onto this for a second? OK Thanks".

Also, Luke Gregerson is known for his sick-ass dali moustache that he rocks occasionally. Styling wax and facial hair. That's what I'm talking about.

Is that enough filler? Yeah? Good. Discuss.