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Randy Jones to help instruct San Diego Padres at Spring Training, provide BBQ sauce, repartee

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People about to get some education up in here.


I've met Randy Jones a couple of times (though I'm hardly besties with the man), and in those conversations, it always seems like he's pretty busy. Picking up radio gigs, getting involved in restaurants, selling secret sauce, et cetera.

Well, he's found himself something to do in March and Randy Jones will be joining the Padres in Spring Training as special instructor.

"I think all of us have the same perspective having played. I think we all say the same thing but have a different way of saying it. It might be I say something the right way to some of these kids and they can learn a little bit," he said.

"It will be a lot of fun. I've done a ton of private pitching lessons and stayed close to the mechanics of the game and philosophy of it. I feel I've never lost that. I'll just try to complement whatever [pitching coach Darren Balsley] is trying to do."

I like anything that will allow Padres players and fans to be reminded that we have a history and a tradition and if that tradition involves the youngsters growing afros then so be it!