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Padres GM Josh Byrnes talks about Headley, Cashner, Luebke, Wieland, Stauffer, Quentin and Grandal

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Josh Byrnes Interview with Lee Hamilton (MP3)

  • The Padres are going to focus on a one year deal for Chase Headley. If they can't agree on a number then they'll go to an arbitration hearing. As a player approaches free agency the team has three options. They can extend him, trade him or let play his time and leave as a free agent.
  • Andrew Cashner is ahead of schedule. He'll start strengthening and light throwing soon. They thought he was a month behind schedule but now it appears to be 3 weeks. Competition will decide if Cashner is a starter or relief pitcher.
  • The best way to improve the Padres pitching is for their current pitchers to return from injury.
  • Tommy John surgery takes about 12 months of recovery. Cory Luebke is due back around the June 1 and Joe Wieland will return August 1.
  • Tim Stauffer has been working out at Petco. He's started to throw. The team has talked to him and there's a good chance they will sign him as a free agent. He's recovering well.
  • Carlos Quentin's knee is good. It's up to Buddy Black how he'll use and rest him. Byrnes hopes Quentin will play 130 to 140 games.
  • The Padres scouts have always liked Tyson Ross. He needs to develop a better third pitch and strike throwing command to be a starter. He can help in a relief role. The Padres need to take risks on young talented players who will hopefully reach their ceiling with them.
  • "We don't want to spend a lot of our money on 4th or 5th starters." They are looking for guys with more long term value or more of a ceiling. "Our starting pitching is a question." Paying $5-7M on players that will only be "back of the rotation quality" is not the best use of Padres resources.
  • Yasmani Grandal made a bad decision by taking PEDs. "Rules are not that hard to follow." Bud Black, A.J. Hinch and Byrnes had a long face-to-face discussion with Grandal about why it happened. "If he learns from this then we come out the other side with a more mature player."
  • Byrnes is anxious to see how the fence changes will look. He keeps texting pictures to pitching coach Darren Balsley saying "look at our band box". He still thinks it will be a pitcher's park but help hitters a little bit.