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Padres Agree To Contracts With Some, In Discussions With Others

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While the franchise was able to come to terms with a six of arbitration eligible Friars, some others are still in contract limbo. Three others, including one high profile contract situation, still remain unresolved.

Chase Headley will fight The Man, if needed.
Chase Headley will fight The Man, if needed.
Denis Poroy

Over the weekend we found out the status of all the Padres' arbitration eligible players. Edinson Volquez ($5.725M) , Will Venable ($2.675M), Joe Thatcher ($1.35M), Everth Cabrera ($1.275M), John Baker ($750K) and Kyle Blanks ($605K) have all now agreed to 2013 contracts and avoided arbitration. All of these players agreed to salaries that were higher than what MLBTradeRumors projected back in October. MLBTR is usually pretty good at this, so either the Padres are bad negotiators, felt especially generous or its just a coincidence.

There are three arbitration eligible Padres players that have not yet agreed to contracts, but we know have some updates on where they stand. In accordance with MLB's CBA, the players and the team must formally exchange contract offers. Obviously, the team will submit a lower number and the player a higher one. If the team and player can't agree to some middle ground on these numbers within the near future, then an arbitrator will decide which of the two contract offers is more appropriate after hearing arguments from both sides. This part of the arbitration process is usually avoided due to the messiness that of arguing a man's worth.

The Padres are offering Luke Gregerson $2.875M. He has countered with $3.75M. MLBTR was predicting $3.2M.

The Padres are offering Clayton Richard $4.905M. He has countered with $5.55M. MLBTR was predicting $5M.

The Padres are offering Chase Headley $7.075M. He has countered with $10.3M. MLBTR was predicting $8.3M.

The arbitration system is put in place so that holdouts are avoided and everybody gets to Spring Training on time. However, the Chase Headley situation should worry some of you. The fact that they cannot even agree on how much he'll make in 2013 may not bode well for them working out a long term contract. It could signal that there is a wide gap between how much Headley and his agents believe he is worth salary-wise and how much the Padres think he is worth. On the other hand, it could be that the team is focused on a long term deal and the negotiations of that have taken precedence over hammering out a 2013 salary that will be rewritten or included in a new deal. Take you pick of skeptical pessimism or cautious optimism.