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Baseball Prospectus releases list of Top 10 Padres Prospects

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Let's pretend this is Austin Hedges, since I don't have a picture of him.
Let's pretend this is Austin Hedges, since I don't have a picture of him.
Jayne Kamin-Oncea-US PRESSWIRE

Jason Parks (@ProfessorParks) over at Baseball Prospectus published his list of the Top Ten prospects in the Padres system. Here's how it looked:

  1. C Austin Hedges
  2. OF Rymer Liriano
  3. LHP Max Fried
  4. RHP Casey Kelly
  5. IF Jedd Gyorko
  6. LHP Robbie Erlin
  7. RHP Joe Ross
  8. RHP Matt Wisler
  9. RHP Adys Portillo
  10. 2B Cory Spangenberg

You'll need a subscription to look at the nitty gritty details, but it was a good read. I feel like I learned something.

I wish I was the type of fan that could look at a list like this and say something intelligent like "Hmm, I like what you've done here, but I'd swap Gyorko for Kelly, drop Wisler for Zach Eflin and make it a Top 8 instead of 10." Then really condescendingly compliment the researching effort.

In any case the Padres farm system received high praise and I think that's something we all can be proud of, don't you?

A Parting Thought:​ A top-five system in the game, the Padres are built on a combination of high-ceiling impact players and low-risk/high-floor types, with a layer of depth underneath that is so thick I spent the better part of a week filtering through the names to include in the “On the Rise” section. The list was long.

By the way, here's an accompanying Mad Friars interview with Parks.

On Jedd Gyorko:

He can play out of position but no; long-term he is not a second baseman.

Gyorko can really hit and he has a talent of putting the barrel of the bat on the ball. I think he can become a solid major league player and he does have a chance to make the big club as a second basemen even though his eventual position may end up being third or even first.