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Lena Dunham compared to San Diego Padres Friar Mascot

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The Soup recently featured a clip about Actress/Writer/Director Lena Dunham at the Golden Globes. The Fashionistas on E! were criticizing her dress, a long unflattering brown gown and her inability to walk in high heels.

Joel McHale, the host of The Soup, had some choice words for her detractors as he lectured them:

She's happy being and creating a show about who she really is and who she is comfortable being -- and that is the mascot for the San Diego Padres.

After a quick chuckle, he apologized.

Sorry Lena. I'm a dick.

It's not easy being Dunham. Howard Stern recently complained about Dunham constantly shooting nude scenes of herself and calling her "A little fat girl who kinda looks like Jonah Hill". What's that say about our team's Friar mascot?! And to a lesser extent Jonah Hill?

In full disclosure I have been known to watch an episode of Dunham's hit show Girls on HBO GO every week or so. I was watching the first season on my iPad when Dunham's character suddenly stripped naked for the first time. The scene was dark and with the ambient light of the room reflecting off my iPad, I caught a glimpse of my own reflection on the screen. My face was captured in an involuntary look of utter disgust. Sorry I'm a dick too.