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Manager Bud Black talks about the upcoming Padres Season

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I like how Bud Black is just trying to enjoy an SDSU Basketball Game and Marty Caswell and Darren Smith jump at the opportunity to grill him with Padres questions.

It's interesting that when asked about the Chargers, Black says he thinks the new coach and new GM will infuse a new energy into the club. Yet, when asked about the Padres he's happy that the team remained in intact. "We got all those guy coming back and that's a good thing." Which is it Buddy?!

Black also says he suspects that Nick Hundley will do some good things for the team this year. I want to start rooting for Nick again, but I'm in the wait and see formation. He is going to have to start producing in a big way before I stop hating him.

The impromptu interview ends with some barbs about sweater vests and hair cuts. Check it out.