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Trevor Hoffman + Dunk Tank = $

Scripps Health just started "The Beat Goes On" fundraising campaign to raise money for cardiovascular health. The reason why I'm telling you this is because Padres great Trevor Hoffman is involved.

You see, if Scripps raises $50,000 by February 4th we'll witness Trevor loosen up his arm and pitch at a dunk tank target on the medical center campus. It'll be just like old times, if this sort of thing ever happened before.

Local news anchor Susan Taylor will be sitting in the dunk tank while Trevor presumably goes through his ritual of watching his surroundings erupt in flames as he jogs in from his car.

If by some stroke of luck Scripps raises $100,000 then the roles will be reversed and Trevor will be sitting in the dunk tank.

I like Susan Taylor, she's been doing news in San Diego forever and even when she was in LA I was there too for school. I'm a fan of hers, but the idea of her being involved with a dunk tank in any capacity doesn't hold a lot of appeal for me. I can take it or leave it.

Now Trevor Hoffman is different, he's a legend. I'd donate just to watch him run his hands through his hair or scratch his graying beard. If he let me run MY hands through his hair and scratch his beard I'd donate double. If he lets my hands wander further then triple.

I don't necessarily want to see a legend disgraced by being dunked in a carnival game -- unless he's shirtless.

I guess my fear with this whole dunk tank payoff is that it might not be much of a payoff. One of them goes in the water and that's that.

It'd be nice if each donation allowed you to bring someone you hate to Scripps and have Trevor dunk or water board them until everyone is wet or his arm blows out... again.

Eh, they probably know what they're doing. You can donate here with a minimum pledge of $10.