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Will Venable avoids salary arbitration!!!

Gaslamp Ballers everywhere can breath a sigh of relief. Will Venable is locked up!

Dilip Vishwanat

Will Venable avoided salary arbitration and scored himself a nice little raise to the tune of $2.675 million, solidifying his status as my favorite player going into 2013. This is a nice little bump for our Most Likely to Breakout in 2013 Player. To be honest, had it gone to arbitration, I would've thrown in with Venable's people as a "value" add to try to prove out his number. There must be some sort of comp there that makes being Gaslamp Ball's favorite player worth at least a few hundred bucks.

Thank goodness it did not come to that.

In other news, if it came to it, Chase Headley's arbitration number would be like a billion dollars. Just putting that out there.

Will "Vill Do Eet" Venable

#25 / Right Field / San Diego Padres





Oct 29, 1982

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