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Former Padre Enzo Hernandez Takes His Own Life

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Former Padres shortstop Enzo Hernandez was found dead in his home Sunday. His death was by his own hand, according to reports from his native Venezuela.

Hernandez was the franchise's first everyday shortstop, playing 143 games as a rookie in 1971. He was a perennial fan favorite despite his ever-present offensive ineptitude, and stuck around through 1977. After being released during spring training for the 1978 season, he promptly signed with the Dodgers and replicated his 1977 season by going 0-3; this was the end of his Major League career.

Few details are available regarding the circumstances of his death; there might be some out there but I'm pretty lousy at reading Spanish. I was able to ascertain through cognates and context that he had recently received treatment for depression and was in declining health.

This is the part where I'm supposed to say something about him ranging to his left on the big infield in the sky or something but I'm not feeling all that flowery. This just sucks. I didn't know him, I wasn't a fan, and I wasn't even alive yet when he retired but it's always horrible when it comes to this for someone.