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Five ways to cross the Rock 'n' Roll Marathon finish line at Petco Park

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It's a marathon finishing near a baseball park you say? Time to start practicing your new fancy pants celebration dance.

Sandra Mu

It is a little bit of a shame that the finish line for the Rock 'n' Roll Marathon isn't going to be finishing inside of Petco Park, but it's close enough and therefore, here are five ways that you runners should cross the finish line if you want to look extra cool and hide how exhausted you are because you somehow decided that you didn't ever need to do a "long" training run of over 10 miles.

1. Just before crossing, point to the outfield, pretend to hit a home run and Babe Ruth trot very slowly across

2. As you're crossing, wave both arms frantically to try to keep an imaginary ball from going foul

Since this is a Red Sox specific home run, try not to turn into a total douchebag afterwards.

3. Slide across the finish line head first and/or feet first

This may actually require special pants or a friend/family member at the finish line ready with a Slip 'n' Slide.

4. Do a version of the umpire dance from Naked Gun

5. 90 feet from the finish line, hold your hand up behind you as if calling time while you dust off the ground with your foot, square up, mime that you're dropping a bunt and then sprint as fast as you can to the finish, signaling "safe" just as you cross

This will be my favorite once successfully accomplished.