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Padres entering Era of Stability

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The San Diego Source, a subscription only publication, has another article about Padres President Tom Garfinkel. They have the inside track on all Garfinkel news it appears.

Since the SD Source requires a subscription let's look through the key points together... as friends.

SD Source: Padres president keeps faith in a team, city that kept faith in him

Era of Stability

After years of changes both on an off the field, it is Garfinkel's hope that the Padres are entering an era of stability.

“Fortunately, the new ownership group, in keeping key leadership in place — Josh Byrnes, Buddy (Black) and others — there is stability, there is consistency,” he said.

The plan is to retain a young, talented core of key players and Nick Hundley too.

By retaining young players like Cameron Maybin and veterans Carlos Quentin, Huston Street and Headley, the Padres are trying to show that its strategy of late is to build something sustainable, Garfinkel said.

Whether stability will result in success, remains to be seen. The franchise was pretty stable in the Moores era until Sandy Alderson came aboard. The team lost the World Series once and a handful of playoff games too.


“I think there’s some real positive momentum from the end of this past season that we hope and expect to continue into the years to come.”

Remember how psyched we all were after the Padres turned around their sh_t season by going 18-10 in August? The team had purged itself of Orlando Hudson and Jason Barlett and we thought we were getting a preview of a 2013 World Championship team. So fun.

If only the season had ended then and we didn't have to witness the Padres 13-13 September. I'd be feeling a lot better about the current roster stagnation if it wasn't for that mediocre .500 record in the last month. Whatever momentum we had in August feels like it petered out in September.


I've heard some really positive things about the Padres new Membership program and I must say I get really jealous when I see and hear about Season Ticket Holders events at the ballpark in the off season.

A co-worker, who just a couple years ago vowed to become an Angels fan, would not shut up about how much he liked the new benefits of the Membership program. He even purchased himself a 20 game ticket deal. An Angels fan buying Padres tickets? Go figure.

“We’ve really tried to focus on civic pride,” Garfinkel said.

As stated in the last article the Padres Little League Initiative is returning in an expanded form in 2013 too. Love it.

“It impacted a lot of kids and a lot of Little Leagues throughout San Diego,” Garfinkel said.

Garfinkel said the program will be expanded in 2013 to cover more than 14,000 children.

Twitter Pledge Paid in Full

This part wasn't in the article, but is worth mentioning. Tom Garfinkel kept his pledge to donate $1 for every new follower in 2012. At least someone kept their New Year's resolution.