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Ken Rosenthal "I like San Diego in 2013"

I like the Padres every year, that's one of the few differences between me and Ken Rosenthal, besides that we're practically twins. Next year you won't even be able to tell us apart, that's because the Padres are his pick for potential contender. Everybody likes a contender.

Rosenthal points to the Padres record since June as evidence of them being one of the better clubs in the National League. He likes that the Padres re-signed Carlos Quentin and Huston Street and decided to keep Chase Headley. He feels that will give the Pads freedom to go into the free agent market for starting pitching. He notes that they have lots of starting pitching coming up through the ranks but much of it is injured. Most of all they've shown that they can compete with some of the better teams in the National League on a regular basis.

We're going to the World Series!

I should have the video all cued up for you, watch for yourself as he loves on our boys.