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Sources: Chris Denorfia extended through 2014 continuing the test on Chase Headley's sanity

"Oh, hey Chase... Yeah... Not awkward... Not awkward"
"Oh, hey Chase... Yeah... Not awkward... Not awkward"

Corey Brock and Andy Masur are both reporting on Twitter that Chris Denorfia has been extended through 2014. As far as bench depth goes, Deno is as good as it gets. No details yet as the value of the deal (hurry up, Corey).

This is what Chris Denorfia looks like:

Chris "Beast Mode" Denorfia

#13 / Center Field / San Diego Padres




Hits: Home runs off of Clayton Kershaw like it's no big


Jul 15, 1980

Chris Denorfia is probably best known for his curly hair that peeks out from under his head gear, his spectacular diving catches and being generally very likable. Most recently, he hit a leadoff home run against Clayton Kershaw to start last night's game against the Los Angeles Dodgers... Like a boss.

In other news, Chase Headley is Chase Headley and will likely need to grow wings, conquer the Ottoman Empire and solve three of the remaining six Millenium Prize Problems before the Padres can even remotely consider contract talks.