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Fox Sports SD offering "Buy 1 Get 1 Free" code for game honoring Jerry Coleman

Fox Sports San Diego announced something they call "The Hook Up". They'll be offering a ticket code tonight during the game that will allow you to buy a ticket and then get a second "companion" ticket for free. It's the ol' buy one, get one free deal that we're all familiar with.

But you're thinking, it's probably for a mid-week exhibition game where the Padres B squad plays awkward looking teenagers that were part of the 2010 Chula Vista Little League Championship team. WRONG!

This is the game on September 15th at 5:35 pm where the Padres hold a celebration to honor Jerry Coleman. Yes that Jerry Coleman. The Hall of Fame broadcaster. The Marine aviator of one war and one "police action". The World Series MVP. The Padres manager. The man with 70 years of baseball experience including 40 years with Friars. That guy.

Pre-game festivities include seeing the Marine Corps Silent Drill Team in action and the unveiling of the new Jerry Coleman statue.

So to get the ticket code watch the broadcast tonight if you have Cox or DirectTV. Otherwise sucks to be you go on their FaceBook or follow them on @FoxSportsSD.

Yes, there are seating limitations. Sections will be listed online once the code is released.

Once you get the code just enter it into and find a date that wants to "hook up". I'll be out of town, so you'll have to go with your second choice.