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Padres drop a game to the Giants, look gassed, meh

A crowd of Giants fans loaded up Petco Park and watched them beat the Padres.

This was probably the last Padres game that I would get to see in person this season. Soon it will be a wrap and we'll call 2012 in for the history books.

The Padres hit several balls hard today and even had the benefit of a nice comedy of errors on the part of the NL West champs, but in the end they couldn't capitalize and just about everything fell short.

Carlos Quentin, who was rumored to have been shelved for the season made a pinch hitting appearance in the 9th, but didn't do much in the way of much.

Chase Headley didn't get any RBI.

Did I miss anything else?

On any other day, it might've been a perfectly OK loss. Coming off of a disappointing series against the Dodgers and a season where things had turned around so much only to finish somewhat weakly, the game is a right bummer.

We start out with the worst season ever... Turn that bit into a showcase of the hottest team that nobody watches... And then limp into a meh final couple weeks.

At least there's tomorrow... And next season.

Go Padres!