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Cardboard Corner: Thursday's Tony Gwynns - '88 Fleer

Tony Gwynn had three cards in the '88 Fleer base set. Here's a look at each of them.

Today's Tony Gwynns are his three cards in the 1988 Fleer set. I was never that big of a fan of '88 Fleer, although in retrospect I don't mind it so much. The design, while decidedly uninspired, isn't all that offensive to the eyes. Also, the photography is better than on previous issues.

Card #585 (center) was Tony's base card. He's shown in full-on mid-to-late-80s glory, rocking a Starter jacket, Jheri-Curl and an Eddie Murphy mustache. You can't front on that; don't even try.

Card #631 (right) is from the "SuperStar Specials" subset, subtitled "National League Batting Champs". He's pictured with Tim Raines before a game at The Murph (protip: look at their uniform pants) since they won the previous two batting crowns. This one is also soooo 80s and not just because of the mustaches and BP jerseys- you can tell by Raines's eyes how jacked he is. A bit of trivia about Tim Raines that I always found humorous is that he slid head-first into bases because he kept his vial of blow in his back pocket.

Card #634 (left) is also a "SuperStar Special", this one titled "Hitting King & The Thief". This was obviously another case of a Fleer photographer seeing two stars together, snapping one off and leaving it up to the editors to do something with it.