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Cardboard Corner: Ed Wojna ('87 Topps #88)

Ed Wojna appeared sparingly over three seasons in the mid-'80s with the Padres; the 1987 Topps design is much more memorable.

It's been a few days since I've written one of these- or anything at all- because I've been incredibly sick and tired. Not "sick and tired" as in "fed up" but in the literal sense of "physically ill and sleepy". It hasn't been the best batch of days but I seem to be getting over it at least well enough to sit up and churn out a handful of words about an Ed Wojna baseball card.

I chose to write about Ed Wojna while flipping through Padres cards of players whose last names begin with the letter 'W' and spotted his 1987 Topps issue. I recalled a bit of banter between Dex and I about '87 Topps and what fans we are of it. I don't know if the wood-grain border was intended as a nod to the 25th anniversary of the '62 set but either way, it's a distinct look that remains memorable now- 25 more years later.

As for Ed Wojna himself? Well, he didn't blow the world away in 27 games over three years in San Diego from '85 through '87, although he did fare well in '86, putting up a 3.23 ERA in 7 games- all starts- and pitching the only complete game of his career. His only other action in the Majors was when he cropped up in 9 games for the '89 Indians