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A Gaslamp Ball Primer on Appropriate Times to Boo

The confusion as to whether or not it's OK to boo Adrian Gonzalez (or anybody else) ends right now.

Thomas B. Shea - Getty Images

So we got into several heated debates online about whether or not it was OK to boo Adrian Gonzalez. Hint: It's OK and is encouraged.

I ask you, non-booer, why wouldn't you boo Adrian Gonzalez? He plays for the Dodgers now and you are correct when you point out that it's not his choice that he's playing for the Dodgers, but at the same time, that has never stopped me from booing others who find themselves on the wrong end of my Booability Scale.

Now, I totally understand. You are not as good a baseball fan as me, so this sort of thing doesn't come naturally to you. Thank goodness for you, I've come up with a handy dandy mnemonic device that you can use at a game to quickly remember if you should boo or not.

In times of tragedy, do not boo

Don't be @katiebrady12.

Also keep this in mind:

And to your team you must stay true

It's never OK to boo your own team. Go back to Philadelphia.

But besides that most are fair game
Wherefore their play or a silly name

Try not to boo if the man is nice

Or got you to the postseason twice

I personally never booed Steve Finley, but I booed Kevin Brown.

But in situations that imply greed

You boo and boo oh yes indeed

See Kevin Brown. And Adrian Gonzalez. Also, See: Why Padres fans don't really boo Aaron Harang.

For money makes the world go round

And greedy players I have found

Are most deserving of the heckle

Although their hide may hide a Jekyll

Jekyll was the nice one. The amount of charitable work one does does not give them a pass from a good booing. One does not not boo Darth Vader simply because of James Earl Jones' involvement with the African Caribbean Leukaemia Trust. That would be ridiculous.

Remember booing is not a crime

Parsley, sage, rosemary, thyme

Here's where I hit the wall, but you need to remind bootractors (boo detractors) that booing is a healthy part of sports culture and is indeed one of the spices of life.

And heed the words of this loyal codger

I turned 36 this year.

It's always fine to boo a Dodger

And there you have it. Take that easy-to-remember rhyme and memorize it tonight. Then, when the mood strikes you and your friend asks, "Hey, is it OK if I boo right now you think?" You recite that rhyme... word for f_cking word... And then thank me later, or silently, to yourself, because I'm watching the game I don't need all that extra noise.