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Padres lose to the Dodgers like a billion to two

While all of San Diego debated whether or not to boo Adrian Gonzalez, it was another former Padres that took it to the Friars on Wednesday

Stephen Dunn - Getty Images

Matt Kemp was a triple away from a cycle.

Aaron Harang was 13 outs (and a replacement robot arm) away from a no-hitter.

The Padres lost to the Dodgers to let them keep their playoff hopes alive.

It was a disappointing effort to be sure, made much more troubling by the fact that San Diego Fan couldn't figure out whether or not they wanted to boo Adrian Gonzalez. I mean, it is a sporting event, right? The guy plays for the other team. It's not like he led us to the World Series or will be a Hall of Famer in a Padres cap.

He doesn't even seem very nice.

In any case, that's behind us (unless you're going to the game tomorrow, where you can recommence booing). What's in front of us, in a race that still has some meaning...

Chase Headley got another RBI to get to 109, but Ryan "Mishandled Sample" Braun passed him today to get to 110. Chase needs to get on his horse, like yesterday.

In other news, the Sisterhood of the Travelling Jersey played old timey time organ at the ballpark today. Last chance to see it in San Diego during the regular season.