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We met former Padre and star of Naked Gun Jay Johnstone

This is the kind of magic that can happen to you if you attend a Padres game.

Jonny and I went to the Padres game tonight. Volunteers were selling ticket scratchers for the Padres "Shirts off their backs" charity. We had to wait to buy our tickets because an older gentlemen was asking the volunteer ticket seller how he could meet Randy Jones, his former teammate. When we bought our tickets we asked who he was, she told us it was Jay Johnstone, who ever that was.

I'd never heard of him even though he'd played 20 years in the Major Leagues. In 1979 he played for three teams, one of them was the Padres. He played in 75 games as an outfielder.

Jonny on the other hand recognized the name and it only took a moment before he was able to put it into context . "I think he was in the Naked Gun." By that time Johnstone was on his cellular phone but we asked his wife. Pointing at her slender husband Jon asked "Was he in the Naked Gun?" She nodded excitedly as he waved from behind his phone. Jonny high-fived everybody in sight, proud as hell. I was about as impressed as I ever have been.