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Trevor Hoffman elected to the Breitbard Hall of Fame

Trevor Hoffman continues the necessary steps on his way to immortality

Donald Miralle - Getty Images

I think the easy part for Trevor Hoffman was probably the career bit. He had plenty of years and plenty of opportunity to perfect his routine, get around 40 saves a year, retire without controversy.

Now, he has to go through several hoops, almost like a young Harry Potter on his way to saving the Muggle and wizard world alike. He's already finished out the career. He got his number retired. He got a job with the Padres where he's unable to fall out of the public eye too far. People discuss his importance relative to other greats.

Now he's been elected to the Breitbard Hall of Fame (along with San Diego Sockers legend Brian Quinn and wrestler Stephen Neal).

One might say this was a minor step on the way to the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, but it was a necessary one that others before him have accomplished. Among other steps still needed to be completed: Clean the Del Mar Fairground Stables in a single day. Face his greatest fears. Write an essay on the importance of proper beard grooming.

Obligatory bit about Hells Bells

The Breitbard Hall of Fame is located at the San Diego Hall of Champions in Balboa Park, next to the Balboa Park Activity Center where they regularly set up table tennis, badminton and host knitting/crochet classes. When Trevor Hoffman enters the Hall of Fame, he will objectively be considered the best closer of all time by Ted Leitner.